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Groomsmen AdviceBeing a groomsmen is an honor, yet at the same time means you will most likely be putting some time and money into the wedding and what leads up to it. We hope that this section makes it a little easier as well as gives you some creative ideas in making your groomsmen role a success and memorable time for you and the wedding party.

The Groomsmen Attire - It is customary for the wedding to have it's groomsmen in tuxedos. If you are in a more customary wedding (as opposed to being in bathing suites in a beach wedding), you will most likely rent a tuxedo. Normally, the groom will let you know months in advance where he wants everyone to go to rent the tux. Below we have listed the timeline to follow to help in making sure the renting of a tuxedo goes smooth:

Pre-Wedding: 4-6 Months
The groom will most likely notify all groomsmen where to go to get fitted for his tuxedo. Even though it feels a long time away, it will sneak up on you fast and it would be helpful to go in for a fitting sooner than later. It would be helpful to call the place and see if they take walk-ins or if you need to schedule an appointment. If no central tuxedo shop is chosen, make sure to find a local tuxedo shop.

Here is some information on groomsmen expenses you should consider while planning - Click here.

Pre-Wedding: 3-5 Months
It is important for the groomsmen to go in for a fitting during these months to make sure everything runs smoothly. Waiting too long may result in the store not having your right size or not being able to tailor the fit. See if the tuxedo shop the groom has chosen has a website so you can have the contact information if ever needed. If you are out of town groomsmen, it would be helpful to get fitted at a local tux shop and email, phone or fax in your measurements to the groom's tuxedo shop.

Pre-Wedding: 5-8 Weeks
Make sure your fittings are in by calling and checking up on the order. Sometimes you may have to go back in if the store has miscommunicated or lost your information (it wouldn't be the first time). Give yourself enough time for mishaps so you are not looking frantically for another tuxedo shop at the last minute since the groom's tux shop lost your order.

Pre-Wedding: 1 Week
Go back into the tuxedo shop for the final fitting to make sure everything fits well. You want to make sure you are comfortable as you are paying good money to wear this monkey suit! Ask all the questions such as when you should pick up the tux (maybe that day), what is the return day policy (1- days after the wedding is normal). Make sure there are no issues such as rips, tears, markings on the tux so you don't have to pay for damage that you did not cause.

Bachelor Party - After a groomsman accepts his honored role as one of the groom's wingman for the wedding process, the first event that usually comes up is the bachelor party. The "last night out" celebration usually takes place a few weeks to a few months prior to the wedding. If you are one of the lucky ones helping in planning the bachelor party, it is important to acknowledge the fact of what type of party the bachelor wants. Does he want a relaxing golf weekend with the boys or does he want to get down and funky at a nightclub or strip club? It is important to think about the personality of your friend and plan accordingly.

Bachelor Party Funds - It is customary for all groomsmen to chip in and help pay for the bachelor party. Usually the best man will be the organizer of the day or weekend party and will ask for everyone to pitch in. It is important to speak up if you don't have too much funds to pay for the event as there is nothing wrong with being honest and not emptying the bank! Many times the best man or person planning the bachelor party will help out a little more and make accommodations to those who cannot pay in full. If it is a weekend getaway, the bachelor usually pays for his airfare and room while the guys help out with the rest!

Bachelor Party Planning and Contacts - It would be helpful to ask the best man or bachelor party organizer if you could help in the process. It almost always happens that not everyone is communicated with and someone cannot make the bachelor party due to the lack of timely notification. See about collecting an email list or phone list of all that will be invited to the bachelor party (The groom is the one who decides who is on that list). This is a very helpful area that you can reduce the stress of the groom and best man by being a dependable and responsible groomsman.

Bachelor Party Decorations - Everything from a Mad Hatter Top Hat, ball-n-chain, laser pointer, girl rating cards to a Paris Doll and handcuffs can be ordered for the bachelor. There are also great games like pin the rack on the babe (just like pin the tail on the donkey) as well as all of the famous drinking games that may be a great ice breaker with the bachelor and his friends.

Keeping The Bachelor Happy - While having a great time at the bachelor party, remember that this is the bachelor's party and make sure he is having the time of his life. Don't get too drunk or distracted as you are there for him. I have seen bachelors get very sick or even get lost since his friends were not monitoring his condition. Trust me, his bride-to-be would be very happy with you if you make sure he stays in good condition but still has an awesome time.

Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner - A few days before the wedding will be the rehearsal dinner for the bride and groom. Make sure to find out the dress attire for the rehearsal dinner (is the dinner at a nice restaurant or casual place) so you can dress accordingly. In addition, make sure to get directions and the time of the event and be prompt since there are a lot of people counting on you and money is being spent by the bride and grooms family for the rehearsal dinner. Find out with the other groomsmen if anything special is being planned for the rehearsal dinner as sometimes there is a best man speech followed by other groomsmen saying a few words. See about helping the bride and groom to be during and after the party as their lives are crazy at this point. They will really appreciate you asking if they need assistance with anything (i.e., directing people to the room where the party is in, last minute items needed for the wedding, gift carrying to the car). It is customary at this event for the groomsmen to receive a groomsmen gift from the groom as a thank you.

Wedding Day - The groom to be at this point has all but forgotten his name as there are so many pieces to planning a wedding. It would be helpful for you to see about speaking with the groom before or in the morning of the big day to see if there are any last minute arrangements that are needed. Make sure to show up early to the wedding to help with anything that hasn't been though of. Also find out if pictures will be taken of the wedding party and what time you need to be there (show up early).

Groomsmen Ushers: It is customary for the groomsmen to be the ushers and help the guests get seated. Here are some helpful tips about Ushering:

  • Arrive 45 min to an hour early to help out.

  • Hand out the "order of service" to the friends/family as they arrive to the wedding.

  • Escort the main family to their seats (unless they are in the procession).

  • Know where the bathrooms are for guests who ask as well as bring a watch since someone will be asking.

  • Make sure to remind people to place their phones on vibrate as a ring will always happen during a ceremony.

  • Help park cars if it is needed (usually the groom to be will ask prior of those whom he wants to help valet the cars).

  • Watch out for wedding crashers (Make sure you don't see Owen Wilson, Will Ferrell as well as Vince Vaughn) - I thought I would throw this one in for laughs.

The Wedding - The most important thing to remember during the wedding as groomsmen is to be respectful of your friend's special day. If you are like me, there may be times when you would like to crack a joke or make gestures at someone sitting who you know but remember that your here for your friend and have been honored to be one of a few groomsmen. Try and focus on helping make your friend's wedding goes without a hitch as you may be needed for one thing or another. Make sure when walking down the aisle that you don't go to fast and smile while looking ahead as everyone is watching you.

Post Wedding - Now that the big ceremony is done and your friend is married, check in with the bride and groom if they need anything (i.e., water, food, a strong drink). Find out if there is anything you will be needed for during the wedding party (i.e., ushering people to where the party is and where to sit) and have a great time! You can now relax as your duty is fulfilled. Have fun at the wedding.

Let us know if you have any questions or additional tips as we will add it on this page and give you credit. You can email us at

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