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The GroomsmenGroomsmen 411 if your place for planning the bachelor party, groomsmen gifts, best man speech, as well as general information for the groomsmen and the best man. Knowing your responsibility for your friend's pre-wedding party festivities all the way up to the big wedding day and wedding party can be stressful so groomsmen 411 will help with giving you all that is needed to know.

Groomsmen Advice section will cover what responsibilities the groomsmen have during the bachelor party, tux renting, gift giving, bachelor party, as well as what you need to know for the wedding. There are a lot of things a groomsmen must do as soon as he accepts the responsibility to be honored to take part in the wedding.

The Best Man has even more responsibilities which we will discuss in the best man section. From planning the bachelor party to holding the wedding ring for his friend or family member, we will go into more detail on the best man's role before and during the wedding. One of the best man's biggest responsibilities is the best man speech that is usually made at the rehearsal dinner as well as the wedding. The best man speech can either make or break a mood at a wedding and we will give you as much help as possible in making the best man speech a memorable one.

Groomsmen gifts are always almost the last thought for the groom. We will give the groom and best man ideas on what the newlyweds can get for their groomsmen gifts. There are so many ideas to choose from so we will help in the process of narrowing down the groomsmen gift selection. We will also give great ideas for groomsmen gifts resources to make your life easier.

The groomsmen 411 links page is full of great resources for groomsmen, the best man and the groom. From bachelor party planning, gift websites, tux renting to wedding resources, we hope you find this area very useful in your planning. Why have to go to multiple places when you can bookmark Groomsmen 411 and use the links page as the groomsmen portal on the Internet highway in making your life easier to plan the wedding and bachelor party.

We hope you find Groomsmen 411 a helpful place to plan pre-wedding festivities as well as the big day. Remember to have fun during the process since it is a very special time and events for the groom, groomsmen and best man!

groomsmenGroomsmen - Fall and Halloween Groomsmen Idea Advice
Being selected as a groomsmen during the Fall season means you are in store for a great memorable time! The first on the agenda is to get your groomsmen tuxedo in a timely manner and not to wait too long since many times there are mistakes made at the tuxedo rental shop or tailor. You can also find great deals on tuxedos if you order them as a group, state that you are looking at a few tuxedo shops or just by stating that you know it is a buyer's market since everyone wants your business. We know that in this economy and with how expensive it is to be a groomsmen that you need to look for ways of saving and we are here to help.

If you are the best man, make sure to plan out your best man speech early as to not be stressed right before the wedding day! You can tie in the season of Fall in a classy way such as talking about how we give thanks for the bride and groom to find each other. Make sure there are sentimental parts to funny parts of the best man speech as it should not slide one way or the other to be entertaining. Another great idea is to give thanks by giving to your favorite charity and have all the groomsmen participate. If someone says a certain word or cusses, a dollar goes into a jar and then that money is donated.

Bachelor Party planning should start a few months prior to the last night out if you are going out of town. As the groom what he would like to do as the groomsmen will always have their own ideas on what the bachelor party should be about. As for some great groomsmen themes, dress everyone up as pimps, rock stars or in 70's clothing. Another great idea is to make the groom look important by making all the groomsmen look like secret service with earpieces and in black with sun glasses. You are sure to get the girls to turn their heads and think the groom is a VIP.

Excellent groomsmen gifts do not have to be expensive but should be meaningful. We have a list of groomsmen gifts that would be most appreciated. Another nice groomsmen gift that is appreciated are gift cards which are easy to bring with you to the wedding and allow the groom and bride to make their own decisions on what to get. As for groomsmen gifts for the groomsmen, there are so many items you can choose from but make it personal.

October is a great month for groomsmen to plan for their friend or family member's wedding. There are many ideas you can do for the bachelor party and to prepare for the wedding! Make sure to rent or clean your groomsmen tuxedos early as it becomes busy towards the end of the year with company holiday parties and other events.

A great time for the bachelor party is to go with the groomsmen to play golf in the early afternoon and then change and go out on the town or on an away trip! During the Halloween season it is great to get the groomsmen in costume for the bachelor party including a pimp outfit, seventies retro, playboy robes, superheroes, rock stars or in all black with sunglasses! Make sure to plan for the best man speech on the earlier side so you have time to prepare or look for some ideas.

In this economy, it is obvious that most groomsmen are trying to save money. Be smart and plan early. Get volume rates wherever you decide to go and purchase groomsmen gifts in bulk and with a place that has discount codes. Have a great time with the groomsmen during the Fall season and no matter what you do, remember to focus on the groom-to-be as it is his party!

Check out our previous groomsmen ideas as well as our groomsmen resources to get even more ideas and have a great Winter and holiday season!

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