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The GroomsmenGroomsmen 411 if your place for planning the bachelor party, groomsmen gifts, best man speech, as well as general information for the groomsmen and the best man. Knowing your responsibility for your friend's pre-wedding party festivities all the way up to the big wedding day and wedding party can be stressful so groomsmen 411 will help with giving you all that is needed to know.

Groomsmen Advice section will cover what responsibilities the groomsmen have during the bachelor party, tux renting, gift giving, bachelor party, as well as what you need to know for the wedding. There are a lot of things a groomsmen must do as soon as he accepts the responsibility to be honored to take part in the wedding.

The Best Man has even more responsibilities which we will discuss in the best man section. From planning the bachelor party to holding the wedding ring for his friend or family member, we will go into more detail on the best man's role before and during the wedding. One of the best man's biggest responsibilities is the best man speech that is usually made at the rehearsal dinner as well as the wedding. The best man speech can either make or break a mood at a wedding and we will give you as much help as possible in making the best man speech a memorable one.

Groomsmen gifts are always almost the last thought for the groom. We will give the groom and best man ideas on what the newlyweds can get for their groomsmen gifts. There are so many ideas to choose from so we will help in the process of narrowing down the groomsmen gift selection. We will also give great ideas for groomsmen gifts resources to make your life easier.

The groomsmen 411 links page is full of great resources for groomsmen, the best man and the groom. From bachelor party planning, gift websites, tux renting to wedding resources, we hope you find this area very useful in your planning. Why have to go to multiple places when you can bookmark Groomsmen 411 and use the links page as the groomsmen portal on the Internet highway in making your life easier to plan the wedding and bachelor party.

We hope you find Groomsmen 411 a helpful place to plan pre-wedding festivities as well as the big day. Remember to have fun during the process since it is a very special time and events for the groom, groomsmen and best man!

groomsmenGroomsmen - November and Thanksgiving Ideas
Fall is a great time for the groomsmen to plan for their friend or family member's bachelor party and wedding. There are many groomsmen ideas you can do during the Thanksgiving season in making the parties fun! Make sure to rent tuxedos early as it is a big winter formal time. In addition, make sure to dress warm as the weather starts changing quickly.

Choose a place for the groomsmen to have the bachelor party that fits the weather as well as the groom! Have some fun and dress the groom up as an Indian or Pilgrim and ask women when out for the night where their Mayflower is (or if she has seen Santa Maria). Have a Turkey of the Month for the groomsmen who embarrasses himself the most and give out a prize. Football is here so enjoy the games with the other groomsmen and have the pre-wedding party at a venue to watch the games.

For the best man, get the best man wedding speech done early. Also be aware of the groomsmen expenses since costs are up this year and there is not much money in the economy for most. Plan a near-by trip so everyone can go. Visit your favorite bar, go bowling with the groomsmen or just kick back and play golf or be at a tropical pool As for helping at the wedding, check out our groomsmen

Check out our previous groomsmen ideas as well as our groomsmen resources to get even more ideas and have a great Winter and holiday season!

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